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Sponsor a Bees for Development Journal Hub

Sponsor a Bees for Development Journal Hub

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Bees for Development Journal is our quarterly magazine with readers in 128 countries. It is a valuable source of information about apiculture worldwide, providing unique news and views. BfDJ includes practical advice on beekeeping and management techniques, future events (including training programmes) and reports from beekeeping projects and associations worldwide. It provides an avenue into the beekeeping network which is important for information exchange and making new contacts.

Click here for digital versions of all past BfD Journal editions

Sponsor a BfD Journal Hub
We distribute each edition of BfDJ to beekeepers in developing nations through our hubs, which include Apiculture Centres of Excellence, beekeeper training teams, honey marketing spots, beekeeping associations and others. When you sponsor a hub, one of our close partners will receive 50 copies of the Journal and distribute them to beekeepers who lack the means to access the free digital version.

Our hub managers and readers say:

"Thank you for sending us copies of Bees for Development Journal.  We are distributing them now and the beneficiaries are very thankful for this information sharing support that has improved their beekeeping skills".
Robert Mutisi, Makoni Beekeepers’ Association, Manicaland, Zimbabwe

"Happy to receive my very first copy of Bees for Development Journal. I enjoyed all the content.  Some of the challenges we face here in Guyana are very similar to those expressed in the articles from Africa. I have already lent the Journal to my fellow beekeepers and I hope they are as encouraged as I was".
Yimochi Melville, Rupununi
, Guyana

"Thank you for sending your informative magazine"
Suprajit Raikar, Goa, India